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Creating Confident Children

The School Music MasterClass Program is a fresh innovative approach that uses music for the teaching of the arts, science, geography, history, languages, and technology. We also focus on the importance of team work and respect through musical interactive demonstrations.

A single concept can be explained over a thousand ways. Our European trained educators with over 50 years experience combined, have condensed some of the most important musical subjects and concepts into cleverly delivered music programs.

Information must be delivered to students in an engaging and fresh creative manner, especially since the use of technology in the homes have increased to become a normal way of life.

Our educators use only leading edge music industry technology to complement the program content. Original music teaching methods from legendary mentors has an important place in teaching, however there are elements of music such as audio engineering, sound mastering, and composition where technology has a strong place.

Experience to us doesn’t mean doing the same thing for 30 years and using the same old teaching methods and the cookie cutter approach for all students. It means having toured and taught internationally amongst different cultures. It means having had world class mentors, and living and breathing music 24-7 in our lives. Learning and practicing the art of music beside leaders in the field.

We want our experience to benefit school children, and deliver high calibre programs that engage, motivate, and inspire children to learn more in order for them to reach their full potential in school, social relationships with their peers and family members, and in school academically.

The research is clear. Children participating in after-school programs and extracurricular activities reap the benefits in every aspect of life, and take these skills throughout their life.

Engaged and Inspired Children are Curious, Creative, and Confident Children.

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Meet Our School MasterClass Creators

David J Powderly

Lead Educator

David J Powderly LRSL, ALCM(TD), is a professional guitar teacher with 31...

Peter Teodorescu

Lead Educator

Peter ‘Theodore’ Teodorescu was born in 1983 in Bucharest, Romania and is...