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Our MasterClasses are cleverly created music immersion programs that take students on a musical journey through history, the arts, the sciences, geography, information technology, and the languages. Music makes ideas stick.

The Music MasterClasses cover a broad range of topics. We explore Walt Disney’s masterpieces such as his Silly Symphonies and the impact musical development had on his movies to date. We explain sound frequencies, where musical notation came from, melody, and rhythm in our MasterClasses The Science of Music and History of Music. We delve into the colourful world of Operas and discover what makes these theatrical performances so magical. Saint-Saëns’s Carnival of the Animals is used to introduce students to the colourful sounds of instruments that leads to a multitude of sound expressions. Music isn’t always so magical, and so we also explore histories of national anthems, how music impacted people, and people impacted music in our Horrible Music – When Music Isn’t Magical MasterClass.

We also use the Music MasterClasses to introduce young students to unique performances by our educators which not only serve to complement the MasterClass content, but also inspire students and show what is possible when someone dedicates their life to a field of study. Our educators use leading edge technology, hardware, and software, professionally play instruments (including vocal), and have the stories to tell through their vast experience.

Our educators are the creators of every single detail of every MasterClass. Experience cannot be outsourced. Every engaging and inspiring performance or activity has been cleverly designed and placed within the MasterClass for the purpose of making ideas stick.

  • Creative Music Series – 10 week program – These are held during the school term
  • School Holiday MasterClasses – These are day workshops help either at a school location, or at an independent teaching facility
  • Music of Rock – Held at independent teaching facilities, however when a school requests these classes in school, these can be held on school grounds. These occur either during the school term, or on school holidays
  • Music Composition – Held at independent teaching facilities, however when a school requests these classes in school, these can be held on school grounds. These occur either during the school term, or on school holidays

There are over 60 Primary and Secondary schools in Wollongong and the Illawarra. We hold the MasterClasses in locations close to the student schools for convenience. This could be at a local community centre, or another close teaching facility. The location of each MasterClass is published a month before the start date of the MasterClass.

We don’t teach directly from a book. Each educator has dedicated over 25 years of their lives teaching, learning, practicing, touring, and performing their art. Every. Single. Day and Night. Teaching effectively means you need to be dynamic, bring in ideas from your own experience, use leading edge technology, and communicate ideas and concepts in engaging ways using sound, sight, and practical examples. Group classes means the MasterClasses are designed to cover all methods of learning.

We use real audio technology. Real music. Real voice. Real instruments. We complement with powerpoint slides only when necessary. We break down the concepts and ideas, and then fit the pieces of the puzzle together one by one.

The Creative Music Series is a group of 50+ students held in a large assembly hall or large room such as a library.

The School Holiday, Music of Rock, and Music Composition MasterClasses are smaller group classes that are hands on and complement our Creative Music Series.

Students that attend the Creative Music Series may also move on to attend the School Holiday Masterclasses. These are smaller group hands on classes.

Our educators both moved to Australia from Europe and settled in the Illawarra, establishing their own schools in 2017.

Their schools grew rapidly within the next 2 years and they discovered the need for an in depth music immersion program. In fact, they were inspired by the legendary Leonard Bernstein’s Young People’s Concerts series. Music isn’t just about learning where the notes are on an instrument, learning how to create or read music, or performing music to an audience.

Music is in our everyday lives in different forms and has a colourful and significant everchanging history. We find that merging history with performance and making reference to everyday events and occurrences around us makes ideas and concepts stick.

Music makes ideas stick.

Primary Schools – Kindergarden to Year 6

High Schools – Year 7 and Year 8

  • Large room, assembly hall or assembly area
  • 4m x 3m of space for our educators
  • 1 power outlet – access to power for technology and/or instruments (we provide the instruments!)
  • Projector and screen (to be able to connect a laptop)
  • Setup time: 60 minutes
  • Packup Time: 30 minutes

Absolutely. We accept these as part of the 10 week term Music MasterClasses, along with out School Holiday Masterclases, Music of Rock MasterClasses, and Music Composition MasterClasses

You are welcome to take photos of our creative Music MasterClasses, however no video or audio is permitted.