Julie Renshaw

Peter has been teaching our 10 year old son Caleb, piano for over 6 months…the most brilliant piano teacher, and mentor, we could ever have
wished for.
Our son was not passionate to learn the piano initially, however, I had read of many studies ( Psychology Today-August 19, 2015), which found significant
results in increasing of Auditory Processing skills (neccessary for all learning), in Dyslexic and non dyslexic children alike. As our son has dyslexia, we made
contact with Peter. Already in this time, our son has happily progressed with his piano and finger skills, and also, has improved in his academic
performance, at school, and his confidence in general. I notice a hightened auditory ability to recall everyday directions/requests at home.
Our son really looks upto Peter, for his amazing piano skills, for his ability to gently encourage and motivate, and equally as important, -to believe in his
own ability. Peter has always given so much time and dedication to his lessons.
The humbleness of Peter is heartwarming, his skill at the piano/keyboard is sensational…to ‘hit out’ any song of request in a moment….with a smile on
his face emitting the joy that music brings to him. I am sure Peter thrives on the fact that in teaching others these skills….they too may share in some of
this joy!