An Opera in 10 Minutes – Their Music, Composers, and Story


Explore the colourful music and voices of the operas. What makes these dramatic theatrical performances so magical?

We delve into the components of an opera, where opera came from, and who are the composers and what are the interesting and often tragic stories when they created their operas?

Opera Study

We explore the different operatic voices by hearing striking excerpts from five popular operas. Our educators will sing and display the different vocal ranges required for each of the operas, and explain the story behind each one. What is it about the structure or a room that allows voices to travel so far and with such intensity? We explore the architectural acoustic properties of some of the famous opera halls.

For the male singers, these are the vocal ranges as bass, bass-baritone, baritone, tenor and countertenor. Female singers are classified by vocal range as contralto, mezzo-soprano and soprano.

  • Carmen – Bizet
  • Don Giovanni – Mozart
  • Rigoletto – Verdi
  • The Barber of Seville – Rossini
  • Faust – Charles Gounod
In fact, any song can be turned into an opera. We show how to apply the different operatic voices to any song.