Power of Percussion – Working as a Team to Produce Powerful Music


Percussion instruments create the underlying heartbeat of music. These are the sounds that do not compete with the song’s melody, but provide an underlying beat. In fact, primitive music had the characteristic of being mainly rhythm than having a melody involving percussion instruments such as drums, rocks, and sticks.

One example of where  percussion instruments are used is the musical, The Lion King.

You don’t actually need formal musical instruments to create a percussion performance. Everyday objects that you find around the house can be used to create music.

Percussion instruments such as drums were used in early times by Western cultures to provide motivation to the soldiers to upkeep their morale.

We introduce what a percussion is, the instruments involved, and illustrate with a live demonstration the importance of team work to produce powerful striking music – using both percussion instruments, and then everyday objects found around you.

To further appreciate the complexity of the combinations, we also look at what a percussion arrangement looks like on sheet music, and how that translates to a live percussion performance.