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Sport Games

Besides health benefits, sport gives children the many life lessons that can contribute to the professional and personal achievements in adult life.

English Lessons

Language is one of the most important skills you acquire preschooler, which is also a key element in acquiring a good education in school

Math Lessons

It is a way of expressing feelings because it is a profound communication.  is to open the soul of the child to play, for good, the light.

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David J Powderly

Lead Educator

David J Powderly LRSL, ALCM(TD), is a professional guitar teacher with 31 years experience, and music examiner for the Registry of Guitar Tutors and London College of Music – one of the world’s most respected music exam boards.
David started teaching...

Peter Teodorescu

Lead Educator

Peter ‘Theodore’ Teodorescu was born in 1983 in Bucharest, Romania and is a composer, vocal coach, singer, pianist, and musician/artist mentor. He is the son of Romanian writer, TV personality, and journalist Cristian Teodorescu.
He graduated from the National University...

  • Life is art, art is music, Peter Teodorescu is music personified. I am a Celt and like a moth to the taper, I have enjoyed music throughout my life without knowing why. Peter has a gift, he makes music understandable in a way that you cannot teach. His love of music is infectious and I […]

    John Mullan -
  • One of the best vocal coaches that my country lost in favour of Australia! Professional! This is the word that can summarise my interaction with Peter. A dedicated musician, with an extensive musical experience!

    Serban Copot -
    Actor, TV Personality and Singer
  • I cannot recommend David Joseph Powderly highly enough. He is a huge music fan as well as a brilliant player and all of that comes through in his amazing tuition. I am in my 40s and have been playing lead guitar in a gigging band forever but I felt like I had gone as far […]

    J. P. Murray -
    Professional Musician
  • Peter is a not only a brilliant performer, he is also a great teacher. I have had the pleasure of performing with Peter twice in the past year and he has also acted as my vocal coach, giving me tips and tricks to improve my signing and my confidence to perform. I cannot recommend Peter […]

    Theresa Mullan -
    Manager – Rustic Vintage Retro
  • A sad loss for Meath Music Academy in Dublin Ireland will be a wonderful gain for Australia. Welcome to Australia, to have someone of your music talent make Australia his home will be a great addition to the music world down under.

    Kim Fletcher -
    David's Student
  • I tried learning the guitar in my 20’s , had different teachers ,many lessons but was never taught in a constructive, progressive way and as many do lost interest for many years, later in my 50’s I decided to try again, and was lucky enough to have Dave as my teacher for 3 years before […]

    Martin Dunne -
    Guitar Student
  • Peter has been teaching our 10 year old son Caleb, piano for over 6 months…the most brilliant piano teacher, and mentor, we could ever have wished for. Our son was not passionate to learn the piano initially, however, I had read of many studies ( Psychology Today-August 19, 2015), which found significant results in increasing […]

    Julie Renshaw -
    NSW Ambulance
  • Peter is an incomparable pianist and tutor whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with on multiple occasions, both as a part of our entertainment duo ‘Theo and Rule’ as well as during a musical production of ‘Oliver!’ wherein Theo was the Musical director and I the Vocal Coach. He has always been a pleasure […]

    Anthony Rule -
    Rule - Theo & Rule
  • “Wow! Now i don’t usually start my review with one word, wait I have a better one, INCREDIBLE! I’m the Activities Officer for a local Aged Care Facility and was looking for new entertainers for 2019. An email came through about Peter and i thought why not, and boy was i glad i did. Peter […]

    Adam Jackson -
    Leisure & Lifestyle Officer, GreenHill Manor
  • Not only does David have an amazing talent playing the guitar, he equally has an amazing gift teaching guitar. He has a massive knowledge & appreciation of music & has the ability to inspire others. He really connects & adapts to suit each individual to ensure the best learning experience. I cannot recommend David enough.

    Fionnuala M Corbett -
    Fynnemusic - Musician
  • Having had David as a teacher for several years, I can safely say he is the most knowledgeable and thorough teacher I’ve come across. He is extremely patient and will always find a way to get you past something you’re struggling with when playing. His teaching method is both insightful and fun. I’ve had many […]

    Nathan Grant -
    Guitar Student
  • David is an awesome teacher that i would highly recommend. He not only has a strong knowledge of music, but also understands the fundamentals of teaching and teaches you the best way that you can learn and understand. Which for myself is the most important part. In the short term I have spent with David […]

    Brendan Mackay -
    Guitar Student
  • I hold Peter in a high regard as a music teacher, I took fortnightly hour long piano lessons as I wanted to delve into music theory after playing guitar for 5 years with little knowledge on theory. His patience and ability to cater for what i was looking to learn was extremely professional left me […]

    Jake Grover -
    Music Theory Student
  • I have known Peter for a period of two years. During that time, I have worked closely with him in the development of my vocal abilities. In my interactions with him he has demonstrated well-developed musical proficiencies and teaching skills. He brings high levels of dedication and preparedness to every tutoring session. His teaching style […]

    Philip Cooper -
  • Today we had the pleasure of hosting Peter and his beautiful music. I had 22 residents in a home of 35 residents and all were mesmerised by the beauty of the music only bingo gets more customers!! Some residents sang along others closed their eyes and immersed themselves In the music. All of them thanked […]

    Stella Banks -
    Leisure and Entertainment Officer
  • David is an amazing guitar player, i definitely learned a lot from him. Excellent teacher and an absolute gentleman. Couldn’t recommend him more

    Dan Monaghan -
    Professional Musician/Photographer
  • Dave has worked with my son for 7 years now with both bass and electric guitar, he is a fantastic teacher highly recommended.

  • David is an absolutely amazing musician, I would recommend him very highly. A great person with such great patience & kindness. Continued success to you David.

  • Peter came and played at the Residential Nursing Home I work at. The residents absolutely loved him. He played all their old time favourite songs and also played songs from different cultures of the residents- putting smiles on their faces and even bringing one man from Austria to tears when he played a song from […]

    Amanda Keys -
    Leisure & Lifestyle Team Leader
  • The concert today was Fantastic, the residents of St Luke’s were exciting and happy of Peter’s talent. As a high care facility it was beautiful to witness the joy that Peter bought to the residents. It was also very touching how he spoke and shook the hand of all the residents, as a result our […]

    John Ramos -
    Lifestyle Office
  • The concert today was fantastic ,the residents were in awe of Peter’s talent. As a high care facility it was beautiful to witness the joy that Peter bought to all residents. It was also very touching how he spoke and shook the hand of all the residents after the concert it meant so much to […]

    Judy Kisela -
    Farmborough Uniting
  • David is a very talented guitarist and teacher and is as qualified to teach as anyone can be. Oh and a total gent. I would highly recommend him.

    Anthony Jones -
    2112 Rush Tribute
  • Dave is an excellent teacher, having helped me through grade 4&6 on guitar I would highlight recommend Dave if you are looking for a music teacher that will get you places

    Cody Boyle -
    Guitar Student
  • David is an amazing guitar teacher. I’ve been learning guitar for around 12 months with other teachers but never felt like I was getting anywhere. Since finding David I’ve had 3 lessons with him, and I’m amazed how far I’ve come in only 3 weeks!!!!

    Cathy Jaye -
    Guitar Student
  • This is so awesome and amazing. Am so excited I can now think of writing music I used to forge songs when I was young so may be I can start now with real piano!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Barbara Ferguson -
    Piano & Composition Student
  • I was so nervous to sing, but Peter was very patient with me and made me feel safe enough to sing. He didn’t rush me, but he gently encouraged me to work through my anxiety and nerves. I really enjoyed the time that I spent with Peter and he really helped me.

    Sophie De La Fosse -
    Vocal Student
  • Peter came to our Aged Care Facility to entertain the residents. WOW!! could he make the piano talk. Residents, visitors (and staff) were just so amazed and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Would highly recommend a performance from Peter to anyone.

    Lynne Hudson -
    Activities Officer
  • Great teacher very patient and takes time to explain how its done, and very encouraging as well highly recommended

    Jamie Campbell -
    Guitar Student
  • Diana provided a very professional service, is a great communicator and is highly skilled in all aspects of the music field.

    Justin Webber -
  • Dave is one of the best teachers around and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him here in Ireland. Highly recommended!

    Ciarán McManus -
    Examiner, Royal Irish Acad. Music
  • Peter is teaching both my boys the piano, his teaching method is fantastic with incredible results, both boys absolutely enjoy their lessons. Well worth the money!!! Thanks Peter.

    Doriano Matic -
    Director - Corporate IT Connect
  • I had David as my music instructor in 2014 to learn the ukulele. He taught me fundamental music theory, picked different songs for me to learn in my own time and was always encouraging even if i felt i was struggling. Knowledgable and adaptable, he’s a reliable, fun and effective teacher. Thanks David!

    Er Toia -
    Guitar Student
  • David isn’t just an extremely skilled guitarist and guitar teacher he’s also an excellent music teacher that can guide you easily up to the highest levels of music theory. His musical knowledge is immense. Highly recommend.

    Theodore -
    Pianist, Composer, Vocalist
  • David is a wonderful guitar teacher! He has great patience, always very encouraging and makes the lessons fun and interesting. I highly recommend him 🎸👌

    Caroline Reel -
    Singer, Songwriter
  • Peter teaches my 6 year old piano and she looks forward to seeing him each week. He is extremely patient and teaches my daughter something new each time. Peter inspires my daughter to try new tunes and to write her own music which makes her more confident each day. Thank you Peter

  • We recently had Peter perform for the second time at our facility. What an incredible experience. Our residents were totally enthralled throughout the whole performance They were transported through the brilliance of Peters piano prowess on a musical “trip” of a lifetime. How honoured we all felt to have him at our “home”. Our residents […]

    Annie Vanags -
    Recreational Activities Officer
  • Peter is a true professional, he goes above and beyond in every lesson, cant wait to go back soon.

    Darren Forti -
    MMJ South
  • ★★★★★ 5 stars

    Stefan Posthuma -
    Piano & Composition Student
  • Peter is an absolutely amazing piano teacher and musician. I have already learnt an incredible amount and have been having lessons with him for only a month. His teaching and skillset is different to any other teacher I have had. He has an immense knowledge of music and to watch and listen to him play […]

    Emma Arntz -
    Speech Pathologist

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