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Our Creative Music Series is a 10 week in school music program delivered weekly. It is specifically designed to deliver a high calibre music program that engages, motivates, and inspires students by combining the the arts of technology, history, language, science and geography – with music.

There are 12 unique and engaging 60 minute MasterClasses that enables schools to choose 10 of their favourite to include in their 10 week term. Our music series keep growing to meet the demand of topics of schools throughout NSW. We also develop music series MasterClasses that closely tie into the student’s curriculum. Content is also modified to cater for the age of the children of the audience. Information needs to be delivered to children of different ages differently.


Engaged and Inspired Children are Curious, Creative, and Confident Children.

10 Weeks of Our Creative Music Series


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Useful Information

Our Creative Music Series is a set of MasterClasses that are cleverly created music immersion programs that take students on a musical journey through history, the arts, the sciences, geography, information technology, and the languages. Music makes ideas stick.

The Music MasterClasses cover a broad range of topics. We explore Walt Disney’s masterpieces such as his Silly Symphonies and the impact musical development had on his movies to date. We explain sound frequencies, where musical notation came from, melody, and rhythm in our MasterClasses The Science of Music and History of Music. We delve into the colourful world of Operas and discover what makes these theatrical performances so magical. Saint-Saëns’s Carnival of the Animals is used to introduce students to the colourful sounds of instruments that leads to a multitude of sound expressions. Music isn’t always so magical, and so we also explore histories of national anthems, how music impacted people, and people impacted music in our Horrible Music – When Music Isn’t Magical MasterClass.

We also use the Music MasterClasses to introduce young students to unique performances by our educators which not only serve to complement the MasterClass content, but also inspire students and show what is possible when someone dedicates their life to a field of study. Our educators use leading edge technology, hardware, and software, professionally play instruments (including vocal), and have the stories to tell through their vast experience.

All of our MasterClasses have a questions and answers discussion at the end of the session where the students have access to our educators to ask anything they like! We ask that the students take advantage of the experience and knowledge that our educators have.

The Creative Music Series is started in line with your school term. Each MasterClass session is 60 minutes in duration, and is held at your school in a large room, assembly hall, or library area. These are held during school hours.

There are a few options on the frequency of these:

  • Once a month during the active school terms and for the duration of the year (3 MasterClasses in 10 weeks)
  • Twice a month during the school terms (5 MasterClasses in 10 weeks)
  • Once a week in line with the school term (10 MasterClasses in 10 weeks)

A minimum of 50 students is required, and the cost is $20 in total per student for all 10 x 60 min Creative Music Series MasterClasses when the student uses their Creative Kids Voucher. That means they invest $2 a MasterClass!

If the child has used their Creative Kids Voucher for another activity, the cost is $12 per student per MasterClass.

Actually yes it is. We actually encourage your feedback and input in the case where you would like some of the content to follow your school curriculum closely. Music makes ideas stick.

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David J Powderly

Lead Educator

David J Powderly LRSL, ALCM(TD), is a professional guitar teacher with 31...

Peter Teodorescu

Lead Educator

Peter ‘Theodore’ Teodorescu was born in 1983 in Bucharest, Romania and is...